Confined Space Inherent Risk Assessment & Register


Confined Space Inherent Risk Assessment


Confined Space Risk

Confined spaces pose dangers because they are usually not designed to be areas where people work. Confined spaces often have poor ventilation which allows hazardous atmospheres to quickly develop, especially if the space is small. The hazards are not always obvious and may change from one entry into the confined space to the next.

The risks of working in confined spaces include:

  • loss of consciousness, impairment, injury or death due to the immediate effects of airborne contaminants
  • fire or explosion from the ignition of flammable contaminants
  • difficulty rescuing and treating an injured or unconscious person
  • asphyxiation resulting from oxygen deficiency or immersion in a free-flowing material, such as liquids, grain, sand, fertiliser or water.


What is required in managing risks?

Duties in relation to confined spaces include:

  • managing health and safety risks associated with a confined space, including risks when entering, working in, on or near a confined space, as well as the risk of inadvertent entry
  • ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, that a worker does not enter a confined space until all the duties in relation to the confined space have been complied with, for example entry permit requirements
  • establishing first aid and rescue procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency in the confined space.



Skylar Safety  can assist in reducing your confined space risk by providing qualified and experienced Risk Assessor to conduct you inherent risk assessment (The probability of loss arising out of circumstances or existing in an environment, in the absence of any action to control or modify the circumstances)


The Australian/ New Zealand Standard 2865: 2009 stated that:

“A risk assessment shall be conducted by a competent person or persons before conducting any tasks associated with the confined space….”

WE WILL provide you with Confined Space Register if there is not one available within your organisation.



Depending on the number of identified confined spaces – generally we charge a daily rate of $1500 per day



  • Site Inspection
  • Development of Confined Space Inherent Hazard Risk Assessment
  • Development of Confined Space Risk register