Working at Heights Refresher

Course Certification


Course Duration

Half Day
4 Hours


The Safe Work at Heights course reflects the skills and knowledge required in roles undertaken by individuals who perform operational workplace tasks involving the requirement to work safely at heights in the resources, factory, construction, maintenance and infrastructure industries. It is essential for someone who works in a position where there is any risk of a fall.​

With the aim of preventing falls, working at heights training will provide you with the skills, knowledge and most importantly the confidence required to work safely at heights in the work environment safely.

The course covers applying policies and procedures, using document information to interpret and apply technical and safety information; assessing hazards and risks for working at heights and how to control them; using personal protective equipment; identifying safety systems and fall protection equipment (rigging of and anchoring systems) and checking the fitting, making adjustments and anchoring of fall protection equipment.

Licensing, legislative, regulatory and certification requirements that apply to this unit can vary between states, territories, and Industry sectors. Your course will cover the relevant requirements for your jurisdiction.



Participants must have:

  • The physical capacity to be able to meet the demands of the practical demonstration skills including gaining access, working, and egress from a place of height whilst wearing the appropriate PPE.

  • Sufficient English language, literacy, numeracy and visual interpretation skills to successfully complete the course.



Training can be conducted at your work site or off-site at one of our purpose built training facilities.



  • Height Safety Supervisor

  • Height Safety Equipment Inspector

  • Initial Response to Heights Incident

  • Tower Rescue

  • Introduction to Rope Rescue

  • Undertake Vertical Rescue